The Carl Johnson Co.

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Preview the Auction

All auction items are sold as is, so it is your responsibility to preview each of the items you’re interested in. Feel free to come in and take measurements, and don’t forget to bring your catalog printout, pencil and magnifying glass. We also have customers who bring their own scales to weigh items such as gold or silver. While previewing, ask yourself, “What is this worth to me?” and write that amount in your catalog notes. This will help keep you on track while you are bidding. You can get an approximate idea of when the items are going to sell by looking at the numbers in your catalog. We always start with #100 and our Auctioneers sell an average of about 90 items per hour. Therefore, #190 would sell around an hour after the auction starts. Previews for regular auctions are held the day before the auction from 11 am to 5 pm and on auction days from 11 am until the sale time unless otherwise specified. All items can be viewed in our website catalog at least two days before the sale, if not sooner.

Register for the Auction

In order to bid in the auction, you must register at the Auction Cashier’s Window. No deposit is required, just your contact information and valid identification. This will get you a Bid Card with your Buyer’s Number, which you will use to bid on items in the auction.

How Bidding Works

Choose a seat that gets you both a good view of the auctioneer and the table (our “auction block”) where the auction team will display each lot in turn. When an item you are interested in comes up on the “block,” catch the auctioneer’s attention by raising your bid card. Bidding will go back and forth with you holding your bid card up at each monetary increment you want to bid. Don’t look away or get distracted by your cell phone if you are actively participating in a sale because you could be passed over at the last minute. Likewise, don’t wait until the end to jump in with an offer, or you might also miss out.

Also pay attention to items sold in a group. Depending on the group, some items will be sold at a bundled price, or they could be sold separately. You will be able to differentiate this by the notation in the auction catalog and by the auctioneer’s words.

Bidding increments are at the discretion fo the auctioneer, however you may use a loud voice to get the attention of the auctioneer if you wish to bid at a different increment.

If you are finished bidding, put down your card. You can also shake your head “no” when it comes back to you.

If you had your eye on an item that didn’t sell, inquire about the piece after the auction.

How to Bid Online

If you are unable to attend the auction in person, you can register for online pre-bidding. In the online catalog, you will indicate the highest price that you are willing to pay for an item. All bids must be in by 3:15 pm on the day of the regular auction.

Terms of Sale

There will be a 13% Buyer’s Premium added to all purchases along with local sales tax (unless a copy of your resale permit is on file with us). We accept cash, local checks with proper identification, Visa and MasterCard. Items must be paid for the day of the auction sale. If you have made prior arrangements, you may pay the next day by 12 pm, but cash only. Everything is sold as is and where is, so if you plan to transport your purchases, remember to bring all the essentials for safe transport. All items must be picked up within three days of the sale. Anything left over three days will incur a storage fee. Any items not picked up or made arrangements for within ten days will be deemed abandoned and will become property of the Carl Johnson Co.

Shipping and Delivery

At this time, we are only shipping smaller items, so if you have purchased larger items, you will need to contact one of our local shipping companies and make arrangements for pick-up, packing and shipping. Typically, we charge $75 per hour for two associates during delivery. This will be amended if you are more than 20 miles away, or if the item(s) requires special handling.