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We have sold spas and pool & spa care products from these manufacturers for many years.  Our salespeople are knowledgeable and can help you find the perfect spa for you and your family!





Winterize your pool or spa!





We carry ALL of your Pool & Spa Supplies

and the largest selection of pool and spa chemicals, covers, equipment

and parts on the North Coast!




Chlorine Shock $3.99/bag

Case of 12 for $39.95




Oxy-Brite Non Chlorine Shock

(1 lb. treats 10,000 gallons)

$6.89/ bag

10 for $59.99



Liquid Chlorine

$9.49 ea.

Case of 4 for $24.99



Pool Salt - 40 lb. Bags

$8.99 ea.

$8.49 ea. when you buy 10 or more





Always FREE Spa and Pool Water Analysis


Good Water Chemistry Helps:

• Pool Equipment Last Longer

• Prevent Calcium Build-Up

• Solar Covers & Vinyl Liners Last Longer

• Helps Prevent Staining




• Soda Ash

• Salt

• Diatomaceous Earth

• Calcium Chloride

• Filter Sand

• Sodium Bicarbonate



We will help you with proper products.




We have ALL of your Pool & Spa Supplies



• Pumps

• Filters

• Heaters

• Solar Covers

• Deluxe Insulated Spa Covers








We sell only West Coast Spas

100% American Made Spas & Hot Tubs

16 Models to Choose From


Built to a Quality Standard -- Not a Price Point!



See us before you buy!




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